Cash in your Cowshed


Why not investigate the most cost effective methods for improving yields from your farm.

We are now in uncertain times and coupled with continued declining agricultural profitability, the uncertainty and concerns over Brexit and post-2020 levels of agricultural support, now could be the time to look at alternative sources of income. 

Rural land based businesses can be highly diverse and profitable so with some investment today your ‘cowshed’ could be tomorrow’s ‘cash cow’. 

For example, if you convert to a commercial warehouse, good commercial rents could mean you are milking rewards in the future.

At Shouler and Son, we have over 170 years of experience of assisting and advising clients on the letting and management of their agricultural and commercial properties.


For advice on ways to utilise and re-develop your redundant or under used farm buildings call us now on: 01664 560181.


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