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The spring housing market remains steady when set against the prevailing winds of global events and domestic economic concerns dominating the headlines so far this year.


That’s the confident assertion of residential estate agents at Shouler & Son who are urging vendors not to hold back from launching their houses to the market this spring - which is, historically, one of the most active times in the property market.


The Melton Mowbray-based estate agency reports that it has not experienced a drop in interest in the early part of this year from house buyers who are still eager to move to the right property in and around the rural market town and its adjoining Rutland, Leicestershire and Lincolnshire property ‘hot spot’ towns and villages.


Shouler & Son’s agents admit that the turbulent events on the geopolitical scene cannot be ignored. However, it is their considered view, based on years of professional experience, that house sales push forward because family-driven reasons for moving home will always remain the essential drivers of the bulk of the property market.


Dan Barradale, associate, explains further, “Decisions to move home are, mainly, motivated or - in many instances - forced by life stages to do with personal or family milestones and changes in circumstance.


“An increase or a decrease in family size. Relocation for work or, more recently, the reconfiguration of working arrangements to incorporate hybrid home and office working. The desire to be close to good schools in the state or private sector.


“These reasons fuel decisions to buy or sell at any one time in the lifecycle of property moves. As prompts for moving, they have endured even through the past two pandemic years when, logic might have dictated, the uncertain times might have seen people hold back from house buying and selling.


“But this has not been the case in our market sectors. There is a natural ebb and flow in homeowners’ lives which drives housing market moves.


“This provides an enduring steadiness in the property market which is what we are still witnessing in our local and regional markets as we look forward to the busy early spring and post-Easter market.”


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