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Shouler & Son has published a new edition of its Consumer Protection Regulations Questionnaire for vendors using its residential agency sales service.

The questionnaire is a standard, but important, document requiring its clients to  give information about various aspects of their property for sale.

The completed document enables Shouler & Son to ensure legal compliance in undertaking marketing of the property for sale.

Consumer protection legislation is always evolving and it is imperative that professionals whose services are governed by matters of law keep up to date with changes.

Shouler & Son’s latest edition of its Consumer Protection Regulations Questionnaire builds on previous content to comprehensively cover matters connected to the property and its vendor’s ownership.

For example: planning permissions for any improvements or alterations made or for outstanding projects; building warranty issuer if the property is less than ten years old; listed building or conservation status for much older properties.

There are also matters concerning access to the property and garden, mains services - including internet connectivity - and, very important for rural properties, septic tank or cesspit arrangements.

While the Consumer Protection Regulations Questionnaire covers mandatory information required by law on undertaking the marketing of a property by an estate agent, Shouler & Son has added supplementary questions to inform its estate agency’s targeting of the property to the right set of potential buyers.

Richard Cleaver, as the firm’s head of residential agency, senior valuer and appointed anti-money laundering reporting officer, has overseen the publication of the new edition of the questionnaire.

He said, “Matters of consumer protection regulation can be quite daunting for the lay person but we have designed this questionnaire to be as straightforward as possible for clients to complete.

“In having such a complete document at the outset, not only do we ensure compliance with the law but we also get deep understanding of the property and the nuts and bolts of its workings.

“This information helps shape marketing of the property and means we can answer most - if not all - of a potential buyer’s questions about the house without inconveniencing our clients with such questions as and when they might occur to a potential buyer.”

 For information about selling your home through Shouler & Son or for a market appraisal by its residential agency professionals, contact Richard Cleaver, 01664 560181, or see