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With most land being farmed within the same family for decades (if not centuries) you may have never asked yourself whether your land is correctly registered with Land Registry, however, if it is not, it can carry risks that will not only cost you time but money as well. 

All registered land is recorded by the Land Registry throughout England and Wales with more than 85 per cent of land being registered. You should register your land because it provides a clear record of ownership and minimizes the threat of potential legal disputes, if your land is not registered the risks associated include:
  • Potential for someone to claim the possessory title - the cost of defending or challenging a possession title claim is now a minimum of £25,000 if it goes to court. 
  • Higher risk of boundary disputes.
  • Risk of fraud – it makes it far easier for fraudsters to assume your identity.
  • Delay and complicate the process of selling your property, in turn costing you more.
Although you may think registering your land can be a complicated process, it could save you expenses in the future and protect you from the possibility of fraud. Shouler & Son can help by facilitating the process in conjunction with your solicitor. For more information on how we can assist, or other enquiries concerning our rural services please contact Harry Baines on 01664 560181 or email