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There is no room to muddy the waters between landlord & tenant responsibilities when it comes to matters of property maintenance.

 Shouler & Son’s Dan Barradale, who heads up the firm’s residential lettings agency & property management services, is always keen to make this clear.

The parlous state of repair of some of the country’s rental property stock –whether socially rented or in the private sector too - has been highlighted in the media recently.

From the outset, any party with an interest in a rental property, whether landlord, tenant or ourselves in a managing property agent capacity, responsibilities for maintenance are made clear. 

As the tenancy progresses, lines of communication should remain open and a good letting agent - regardless of whether or not they are retained as the managing agent - will always be happy to clarify who is responsible for what on enquiry from the tenant.

At Shoulers, we believe in ‘equipping’ tenants with comprehensive information ahead of their lease commencing.

As well as a ‘How to Rent’ guide issued alongside the tenancy deposit certificate, tenants letting through us receive a one page set of pointers on matters to do with maintenance.

The pointers cover utility suppliers and the care of equipment (electricity & gas meters, oil & water tanks), as well as permissions when it comes to fixed fittings of additional telecoms kit & aerials.

The demarcation between the landlord’s responsibility for installation and that of the tenant’s for maintenance regarding smoke and carbon dioxide alarms is also made clear in the ‘pointers’ guide.

Mindful, particularly this winter with such a wet start combined with the increase in energy costs, there is an explanation of the cause of condensation and advice about its prevention.

There is also information about the ways in which to contact Shoulers to report something in need of repair, plus definitions of what constitutes an ‘emergency’ and how to deal with any in the first instance in order to make safe.

Having been recognised as the top local letting agent in Melton Mowbray in the British Property Awards 2022-2023 in the autumn, we would like to think our guidance to tenants is comprehensive.

However, when it comes to matters of maintenance, we are always happy to clarify landlord and tenant responsibilities.

For more information about Shouler & Son’s residential lettings property management services, see our web page.