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The autumn edition of Shouler & Son’s Rural Digest is now available.

 Published twice a year - spring & autumn - the Digests are a round-up of the latest key policy announcements affecting the farming and rural business scene, with additional, expert comment from Shoulers’ rural services professionals.

The publications also consider the big picture backdrop against which Shoulers’ clients in the sector operate.

In this autumn’s edition there are references to the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine and the direct effect this is having on the ‘three Fs’ of Fuel, Feed & Fertiliser.

 Additionally, Shoulers notes the uncertainty of the current domestic political scenario. Specifically, the ‘rapid review’ of the move towards the ELMS funding framework by the new Secretary of State at Defra.

 Speaking on the publication of the latest edition of the Rural Digest, and in summarising the position of the sector this quarter, Angela Wood, professional associate, Shouler & Son said, “Turbulent times look set to continue this autumn and winter and there are concerns about farm businesses contracting as a response.

“Many even face an existential question about the viability of growing or rearing food as a farming pursuit.

“But for farmers and food producers, meeting the next challenge is an ongoing way of life with external shocks faced head-on with ever creative and diverse responses.”

A copy of Shouler & Son’s Rural Digest Autumn edition can be downloaded here.

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