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Richard Cleaver, Head of Residential, Shouler & Son delivers his new year message to local house sellers & buyers.

The proactive estate agent will prevail in 2023 and the tripartite relationship between agent, seller and buyer - and those who represent their clients in the transactions - will be crucial to achieving the final sale.

Now I’d argue that this scenario should always be the case.

But a ‘hot property’ market can have its own momentum with buyers, sellers and agents happy to jog along with the confidence a buoyant market fosters.

We do not face a hot property market as we start January. The last quarter of 2022 saw a marked cooling of market activity from September onwards as we entered autumn & winter.

A patient and realistic approach from sellers will be vital in this coming year - certainly in the first half.

It’s incumbent upon estate agents not to jam-up the market by overvaluing a property just to secure the instruction.

The most professional agents will have the experience and confidence to advise their clients and set realistic expectations.

At Shoulers, we get the sense that this year might see a widening price differential emerge between ‘the best’ and ‘the rest’ properties.

Best in class houses should continue to generate interest this year and there may be opportunities to secure a price premium for that one-off, special property.

Sellers need to be market-savvy and prepared to listen to sound advice.

Buyers and sellers need to consider an area’s appeal and whatever price level they are at in the market. They should also be prepared to move on price in either direction to achieve the sale.

Find an agent with an understanding of the specific market forces in play in any one location, on any one property type and at any one time.

Finally, make sure it’s an agent whose focus is always on achieving the sale whether their fee is fixed or percentage based.

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