Arbitration is an efficient and fast way to resolve disputes, particularly about valuation.

Each party presents their case to the arbitrator, who weighs up the evidence and gives his award.

Simon Shouler MA (Cantab) became an arbitrator in 1992, and accepts appointments in commercial and residential valuation and management disputes.

Philip Strawson BSc (Agric) FRICS FAAV has received appointments from the President of RICS as an arbitrator in rural matters since 2009 and with his knowledge in the rural sector he will be able to assist in any matters relating to the arbitration process.

Dispute resolution by an independent expert is also a common process.

Here the Expert, while listening to what parties have to say, will make up his own mind about the problem, relying on his own investigations and expertise.

Likewise our more experienced partners accept appointments to make Expert Determinations in the areas of their competence.

Our partners are also ready to prepare submissions for parties whose disputes are going to arbitration or expert determination.

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"Because of changes in function of my company I needed to sell an industrial property and move into new offices. After considering a couple of Estate Agents I was pleased to engage Shoulers to act on my behalf. They acted with speed and efficiency and I was delighted that the property sold within days and at a very acceptable price. I would recommend them and in particular Helen Montague unreservedly."
Mr AH Managing Director